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Sketches: Experiments

Here are some screenshots of ongoing sketches / concepts for visualizing data off of the track.

The first concept was to mimic the relationship of the car’s relative position on the track (in this case by drawing a continuous oval/spiral) and tie that in with the car’s current throttle. In this way we can get a sort of “histogram” of the entire race.

Oval concept using random data:

Using throttle input (changing colors per lap)

I tried something a bit different using strips of color, almost like a line graph. In this way it might be easier to visually distinguish a faster laptime based on the length of the color strip:

Day 2 – Going through my head…

I have a couple of things that are currently going through my head:

It’s obviously incredibly hard to envision what this project is going to end up looking like in its final stages. (compounded by the fact that I haven’t even seen “the track” in person or know what it is capable of) But it’s still interesting to imagine the possibilities. I’m at a loss for what I will create visually and what purpose it will serve… Although, I’m sure this will manifest in the coming weeks when I begin to actually play around with it.

Still on my sound/audio mind binge from working with my senior project, I have a slew of ideas for little sound reactive processing sketches. Anything that deals with the hand throttles to cars crossing the finish line to create some sort of soundscape/musical piece, could end up being an interesting auxiliary element.

As for actual processing programming I might do in the near future: I may put in some time to set up a small sketch/program that acts as a “Track Simulator” that will be able to interface with any future sketches I make. This might make it much easier to share processing sketches and ideas without needing the actual Scalextric Track on hand. As for how to go about doing this, I need to do a bit more research and thinking.