So a quick update… (after successfully battling a pretty sweet cold)
This last week I finally got around to repairing the damage done to the powerbase. If you missed it, we were having some power supply issues and, long story short… a car literally blew up and emitted some of that good ol’ fashioned magic electronic smoke, a somewhat frightening experience i might add. Apparently the interesting-looking slot car power supply I found in Steve’s vintage boxes of scalextric stuff wasn’t rated properly for our track (even though it was labeled so) and ended up doing some damage. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything more serious than a trip to radio shack and plugging in the soldering iron.

I’ve been working a lot on reviewing the code I wrote back in July and trying to get a hold on everything again. After a lot of thinking I’m pretty sure that the fixes I have made to the framework (Data retrieval and basic car variables) will be a hell of a lot more stable than it was in the past. I wanted to be sure of this because if something isn’t working right at this fundamental level, it could throw off everything I do from now on. I also came up with a new model for the entire system that I think will work quite well, utilizing a Server / Client relationship. The PowerBase is connected straight to a networked “server” that can feed as many client computers / monitors / projections as needed. Here’s a quick illustration:

The current run-down:
-Repaired PowerBase (New Resistor for Lap Sensor)
-Reworked Data Retrieval Algorithm to be more stable
-Data processing now runs on its own Thread:
  +Sends raw data to network clients over OSC
-Reworked car code to make use of all possible variables
-Working on rough HUD and text output for car variables
-Experimented briefly with race “recording”

Currently have access to:
+Reliable throttle (raw, smooth, and normalized versions)
+Both Lane and Brake buttons functional
  (No longer interfere with throttle numbers)
+PowerBase & Processing estimated Lap Times (Previous & Current)
+Reliable Lap Counting
+Approximated instantaneous and average speed (1:1 or 1:32 scale)
  (Likely needs tweaking)

-Running Average Lap Time
-Running Average Speed
-Fastest Speed
-Fastest Lap

Will post some pics of the HUD output as it develops.

2 Responses to “H.U.D.”

  1. 1 Steve October 19, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Lookin’ sharp, Derek. Glad to hear the Data Retrieval Algorithm’s back in shape. Wonder if we add some sort of “DRA” visual in the HUD or on-screen somewhere…the more puzzling acronyms we can throw around the better!

  2. 2 Kyle Fletcher October 20, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Good to see this moving forward! Awesome that a car blew up. Any photos of the aftermath of that?

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