Day 3 – A box arrives…

Unfortunately it must soon leave.

It contains an SCX “Pit Box” racing set, complete with a whole track and 3 cars. However, it does not interface with the Scalextric set (The one I have been researching) that is on its way here.

Today, I also purchased the KeySpan USB to Serial adapter from – free 2-day shipping. I also secured a couple of FREE sample MAX233A Serial Driver IC’s from the manufacturer’s website – also free shipping. I love free stuff, and free shipping is awesome too.

The MAX233 IC is the piece of hardware that converts the +5 Volt TTL signal from the Scalextric PowerBase to +10 Volt RS-232 signal that a computer can understand. I also acquired a nice little wiring diagram for hooking this up:

MAX233 to AUX Port Diagram

MAX233 to AUX Port Diagram

Still on the list of materials to buy:
-Serial DB9 Cable (Standard 9pin for computer)
-4 Lead RJ-11 Cable (Looks like a standard phone cable – for Powerbase)
-Other various electronics

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